About SPI

“Nearly four Decades of proud that SPI Group can be one of the leader in the vehicle industry in Thailand”

Automobile industrial is the most progressive industrial in the region of South East Asia, especially Thailand, where the technology of industrial is developed rapidly.

The keen vision of Dr.Chumpol Phornprapha established the S.P. International Co., Ltd on March 29, 1966 with 1 Million Baht of registered capital in order to meet the increasing of automobile industry in the future.

S.P. International Co., Ltd has started the business by the cooperation with Japan, the leader automobile industrial in Asia, as the solely dealer of Suzuki Motorcycle and its parts in Thailand. Effective marketing plan and management policy lead Suzuki to be the first brand of motorcycle that the customers all over the country think of.

SPI Group’ve expand the business line to cover the continued vehicle industry and machine by become to be the dealer of Toyota, Lexus and production as well as distributor of Yanmar Agriculture Machine, Auto Parts, Automobile Leasing and Motorcycle in Thailand and neighbor country. The regarded business leads SPI to be one of the leaders in the automobile industrial in Thailand.

SPI Group also searches for the new opportunity in the real estate, computer and software, bio-fertilizer from spirulina production and distributor, heat insulator and etc.